ADM Deluxe Soprano Ukulele (Discontinued)

87 out of 100. Incorporating 40+ ratings and reviews.

The main draw of this uke is that it’s one of the cheapest naturally finished ukes available.

What we mean by “naturally finished” is that the uke’s wood isn’t covered by paint, but rather by a satin gloss. This uke also has a rosette, which is etched onto its surface by a laser.

The hardware is also sufficient for a beginner’s needs, with the uke’s standout feature being its geared tuners.

It also comes with a rosewood fingerboard, which will hold up to consistent playing better than a cheaper wood.

We were recommending this ukulele until we undertook a detailed review of cheap ukes in August 2018 and found there were then more highly rated options to recommend which you can find in our guide to The Best Cheap Ukuleles.

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