Aquarian Drumheads Tru-Bounce 12" Drum Practice Pad


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Aquarian Tru-Bounce 12" Drum Practice Pad

The Aquarian Tru-Bounce 12” Drum Practice Pad is said to be one of the more accurate practice pads available, lacking the rebound you find in most practice pads made from gum rubber. While the exact material used for the playing surface isn’t stated by the manufacturer on their website, according to Bart Elliot (the Founder of Drummer Café) it’s made from neoprene.

According to the response found on forums, this pad is a great option if you’re looking to seriously work on your technique. An overly springy response can work in your favor at times, but if you’re working to develop muscle memory that you can directly translate to a drum a more natural feeling practice pad is going to be more helpful.


  • Size: 12”
  • Material: Not Stated (Said to be Neoprene by Drummer Café’s Bart Elliott)
  • Extras: Drum Sticks

Lastly, there’s been a few statements that this pad is louder than others in this price tier, with the most notable example being the RealFeel. So if you’re concerned about volume, the RealFeel may work better for your situation.

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