Behringer U-Control UMX490 49 Key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard (Discontinued)


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Behringer U-Control UMX49

Gearank Recommendation

The Behringer U-Control UMX490 appeared on our recommended list for 49 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards when we published the first edition back in February 2016.

Note: As of February 2017 the UMX490 is no longer available from most retailers but we've left this information here for now to help anyone who is considering buying it second hand. You can see our current list of recommended 49 key controllers in our guide to The Best 49 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards.


The UMX490 has all the basic features you're likely to want in a 49-key controller keyboard, and a bonus is that it comes bundled with a Behringer UCA222 USB Audio Interface which is compatible with both Mac and Windows.


  • Keys: 49 full-sized with velocity sensitivity.
  • Pads: No.
  • Arpeggiator: No.
  • Motorized Controls: No.
  • Octaves: Up and Down buttons with LED indicators.
  • Bundled Software: energyXT.
  • Power: USB, battery or 9v power adapter.
  • Connectivity: USB, 5-Pin MIDI out, TRS input for a sustain pedal.
  • Control Hardware Directly: Yes.
  • Compatibility: Mac OS X and Windows XP or later.
  • Dimensions: 32.5" x 8.5" x 3.8"
  • Weight 8.22 lbs