Behringer Ultra-DI DI600P 1-Channel Passive DI Box


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Behringer Ultra-DI DI600P Passive DI Box
Behringer Ultra-DI DI600P Passive DI Box

Behringer previously had an entry in our recommended list of passive DI boxes with the Ultra-DI DI600P, a versatile unit that's been a favorite budget friendly option for guitarists.

Reviewers rave about its clear sound which works great for both live performance and home recording use.

And you don't just use any DI box for recording, because you'll easily notice faults like clicks, pops and hiss - so being widely used in home recording is quite a testimony to the DI600P's sound quality.

For the price, you are getting quite a lot of features including a switchable filter for guitars and a -30dB pad.


  • Passive DI Box Design
  • Input: 1/4", Outputs: XLR and 1/4"
  • Gold-plated XLR output
  • With switchable filter for guitars
  • -30dB pad>/li>
  • GroundLift Switch
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs


While this DI Box will work with any type of sound source, the guitar friendly filter and ability to handle amplifiers make this one the budget friendly choice for guitarists. The price tag is obviously a plus, and there's few complaints about its reliability. Some even commented that ground and hum noise were instantly removed without even using the ground-lift switch.


Understandably, those who have more expensive DI Boxes will find the sound of the DI600P lacking, but for the average band performance and home recording enthusiast, it gets the job done efficiently.


If you're a guitarist who is looking for a way to plug either your guitar, pedal or amplifier straight to console without having to dig deep into your wallet, then this is a solid option.

This was on our recommended list until we performed a comprehensive re-examination of the category in November 2019 and found more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best DI Boxes.