Blackstar ID:Core 40 Guitar Amplifier 40W (Discontinued)

85 out of 100. Incorporating 450+ ratings and reviews.

NB: This is no longer available from most retailers. We’ve left our meta review here for anyone buying it second hand. For a current list of the sub $200 amps we recommend please see our guide: The Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under $200.

Since the Blackstar ID:Core 40 features a stereo speaker configuration, you get to utilize stereo effects better and get interesting sounds that are simply not possible with conventional single speaker combo amps.


  • Dual 20 Watts Stereo Amp
  • 2 x 6.5″ Speakers
  • Blackstar ISF Tone Shaping (American to British Amp Voicing)
  • 6 Amp Models / Channels
  • Built-in 12 Effects (Modulation, Reverb, Delay)
  • Headphones Output
  • Aux Input
  • USB connectivity
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs.


Many were impressed by the tone that the ID:Core 40 can pour out of its stereo speakers, especially when the gain is cranked. And reviews constantly mention its incredibly versatility, thanks to the ISF knob. Some experienced players even commented that they found the tone to be very close to more expensive tube amps, and users have put it to good use in their bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Some even use the amp for home recording and for band practice with great results.


There are some who complain about the lack of volume that this amp has for its power rating of 40W. Others find the controls and software companion to be a bit challenging, but this can easily be remedied by a cursory search on existing presets and user settings online.


If you’re into high-gain metal and you are looking for a versatile stereo capable amplifier for practice and jamming, then get this one.

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    Michael R. Baggett

    I have the Blackstar ID. Core 20 and it is as tube sounding as anything I’ve heard on the clean channel. I like it better than the new Boss Katana.

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