Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal

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Gearank Recommendation

The DS-2 appeared on our recommended list for Distortion Pedals Under $100 from December 2017 until February 2021 when it was removed due to its price increasing above the $100 limit.


The Boss DS-2 is an upgraded version of the DS-1. It’s essentially a DS-1 with an additional gain circuit built in. Picture it like this, imagine you have a normal distortion pedal. What’s going to happen if you use a second distortion pedal at the same time? You’re going to get more distortion, right? That’s essentially what’s happening with the DS-2. The cool thing about the DS-2 is that you still have access to the same basic tones as the DS-1, but you also have the option to use higher levels of gain.

This is why many users of the DS-1 eventually purchased a DS-2 as well, because it has a similar tone (the tone of the two pedals is close enough that many would have a hard time distinguishing between the two) and the option of more distortion. The DS-2 also has a special feature that many pedals in this price range lack. When using the pedal with an optional footswitch from Boss (like the FS-5L) you can switch between the first and second gain stage without having to bend down to adjust the pedal.

If you’re a fan of the original DS-1 but want a bit more dirt without going far from the original tone, then this pedal is for you.


  • Controls: Level, Tone, Distortion, Turbo
  • Analog
  • Buffered Bypass
  • 9-Volt Adapter/Battery
  • Special Features: Turbo Switch
  • Artists: Steve Vai, John Frusciante, Kurt Cobain, Dave Navarro
Although this now priced over $100, there are still many excellent options which you can see in our guide to The Best Cheap Distortion Pedals.


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