Breedlove Pursuit Nylon: Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar (Discontinued)

86 out of 100. Incorporating 30+ ratings and reviews.


In a market saturated by clones, Breedlove’s unique and eclectic acoustic guitar designs provide a refreshing break. This distinct design approach definitely applies to their mid-tier Pursuit Nylon – a true modern nylon acoustic-electric that easily stands out from the rest. And the difference goes beyond just skin deep, because this particular model strays from traditional specs to make the instrument more at home for steel string players.

Transitioning from a steel string to a nylon string model can be troublesome for some players, mainly because of the wider and flatter fingerboard. The Breedlove Pursuit Nylon is designed to help ease this transition, having a narrower 1.875″ nut width, familiar 25.5″ scale length and subtly rounder fretboard radius that will feel familiar for steel string players. With its solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides, the Breedlove Pursuit Nylon provides a more modern, clear sounding tone, while it does retain the familiar round and warm tone expected from Spanish style guitars.

Note that when unplugged, this guitar does not have the same punch as traditional classical guitars, but as expected from Breedlove, they packed the Pursuit Nylon with built-in pickups and electronics so you can be loud when you want to. It even comes with a USB port for quick interfacing with your computer! And more importantly, it gives you all of this while maintaining a very reasonable price.

If the USB feature is important to you, then this is a good nylon string guitar to consider, however it’s not currently on our recommended list.

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