CAD Audio PRO-7 Drum Microphone Kit (7 Mics)


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CAD PRO-7 Drum Microphone Kit

CAD Audio is known for offering robust microphones at a low-cost.

The PRO-7 from CAD Audio contains these microphones: one K212, three TM211s, one SN210, and 2 CM217s.

The KM212 is a large diaphragm microphone that is designed for kick drums, bass guitar cabinets, and other instruments with low frequency response. It features good transient response with a wide frequency range for precise bass clarity and detail.

The TM211s are dynamic mics designed for toms with attached drum mount clips.

The SN10 dynamic microphone is specifically designed for snares with an integrated shockmount clip. It also has a supercardioid pattern with wide frequency response and is even suitable for toms and bongo drums.

The CM217 mini pencil condenser mics come in pairs, and are specifically designed for hi-hats, overheads, and also string instruments. They feature an external 6dB / octave roll-off at 200Hz to compensate for close miking proximity effect. These two condenser microphone need 9-52V phantom power in order to operate.

Kit Contents

  • Microphones: 1 x KM212 Kick Drum Microphone, 3 x TM211 Tom Microphones, 1 x SN 210 Snare Microphone, 2 x CM 217 Mini Pencil Condenser Microphone
  • Accessories: Vinyl Carrying Case with shoulder strap, Integrated Drum Mount Clips


Value for money and durability seems to be the main theme of its many positive reviews. The shape of the integrated drum mounts and their adjustability also comes up often. The SN210 snare mic, TM211 tom mics and CM217 mics are commended for their clear and accurate response. There are also reports of using the CM217 condenser microphone working well with acoustic instruments, such as piano and guitars. Many reviewers conclude that this kit works well for both live and studio use.


There are some reports of the kick drum mic captured minimal lows and weren't able to get a "thumpy" sound when used for recording. These users mentioned they needed to apply a lot of EQ to make it sound less muddy.


Although this kit was a good low cost choice miking drums live and in the studio, it's been discontinued so if you're looking for new mics then we recommend you look at the alternatives in our guide to The Best Drum Mic Kits.