CME Xkey Air 25-key Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard Controller


84 out of 100. Incorporating 150+ ratings and reviews.

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CME Xkey Air 25-key Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard Controller

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The Xkey Air appeared on our recommended list for 25 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards from December 2015 until September 2018 when it was removed due to being out-ranked by other keyboards.


The CME Xkey Air 25 is a portable 25-Key MIDI keyboard controller that does away with extra features, and focuses on playability and portability.

It is easily one of the most modern looking controllers in the market today, with its very slim and lightweight profile, which makes it easily stand out from the competition.

Its thin profile makes it visually compatible with modern wireless computer keyboards, tablets and thin laptops.

And like laptops, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to use it without having to drain the power of your mobile device.

It's not just about being sleek and portable, because CME was able to pack this keyboard with 25 full size keys (with after touch) and essential controls that many consider to be fun to use.


  • Keys: 25 Full-Size Synth Action Keys with Aftertouch
  • Pads: None
  • Controls: Octave Change, Pitch Bend, Modulation, Sustain
  • Octave: Octave (+/-)
  • Zones: Single
  • Automap: Yes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Control Hardware Directly: No
  • Compatibility: OSX 10.10 (Up), Windows 7 (Up), iOS
  • Power: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Dimensions: 15.27" x 5.31" x 0.62"
  • Weight: 1.34 lbs.
  • Bundled Software: XKey Plus App
If you're looking for a slick MIDI keyboard controller to match your taste in mobile devices, then check out the CME Xkey Air 25, however there are many more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best 25 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards.