Creanoso Guitar Pedal Coupler (Discontinued)


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Creanoso Guitar Pedal Coupler
Creanoso Guitar Pedal Coupler

The Creanoso pedal coupler is as straightforward as it gets, just two 1/4" male plugs connected back to back so you can save as much space as you can on your board.

The obvious downside of this design is that it will only work if the pedal jacks are of the same height and aligned properly, which limits its use. Still it is quite practical to have, especially since it is affordable.

It is expected to work well with pedals of the same make and configuration, like those from Boss, Mooer, DigiTech, TC Electronic and more - as long as the pedal jacks you want to connect are aligned.

It can also be used sparingly in conjunction with patch cables, so you are not too limited by them, and still benefit from its simplicity and space saving design.


  • Pack: 5 pcs
  • Plug: Metal Plugs
  • Conductor: No Cable
  • Length: Not specified


The Creanoso Guitar Pedal Coupler is well received for its practicality. Reviewers are happy with how it opened up their pedalboards, some even had enough extra space for another pedal. Other reviews also commend its solid feel, which lets you make music without worrying about the connectors.


Because the space between pedals are drastically reduced, there is an increased chance of hitting wrong pedal switches. Those with wide feet will also want to stay clear of this coupler, unless they have ballerina like precision to avoid stepping on two switches at once.


Even with its limitations, its practicality and affordability makes it a good tool to have for any pedalboard user.