D'Addario EXP10 Coated 80/20 Bronze Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings (Extra Light) (Discontinued)


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D'Addario EXP10 Coated 80/20 Bronze Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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This set in particular, the EXP10, is a great example of why D’Addario strings have been the strings of choice for musicians all over the country.

The strings are made from 80/20 bronze, which is known for its bright tone. The set’s gauge also works towards enhancing its brightness. So while these strings are coated, it’s still a very bright sounding set of strings overall.

The EXP10 set also uses D’Addario’s patented NY steel. This steel was created with the intention of producing strings that are more durable and stable than traditional guitar strings, and the company has succeeded with this.


  • Gauge: Extra Light (.010 to .047)
  • Material: 80/20 Bronze
  • Coated: Yes

D’Addario’s coated strings have been very well received, the EXP10 especially so, with its appeal to those who want fast action strings on their acoustics. Many are also pleased at how fresh the strings are upon opening its packaging.

There are a few reports of string breakage (extra light gauges can't take the punishment of heavier ones), while some find the sound to be a bit too bright for their tastes.

If you're looking for easy-to-play strings from a reputable company, then check out the D'Addario EXP10.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings.

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