D'Addario NYXL0942 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (Super Light Gauge)


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D'Addario NYXL0942 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings (Super Light Gauge)


  • Sound too bright for some
  • Can still rust like regular uncoated strings


  • Excellent tuning stability
  • Long lasting freshness and durability
  • Smooth and sensitive feel

Inspired by the steel strings used to stabilize and secure bridges, D'Addario decided to improve on the materials that they use in strings. And so they came up with their "New York" line of strings, which the NYXL0942 is part of.

Thanks to its high carbon steel core, this set is designed to be more durable, while still retaining a thin gauge.

They also feature reformulated nickel plated windings which improve how the strings respond to the magnets of your pickups, which translates to better output and more midrange frequencies.

The specially designed winding is also designed to improve tuning stability, which in turn improves overall playing experience.


  • Gauge: Super Light (.009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042)
  • Core Material: Steel
  • Winding Material: Nickel Plated Steel
  • Winding Type: Round Wound
  • Coated: No

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The NYXL strings make a couple of appearances in this guide. The great playing feel, durability and tuning stability have pleased many guitarists who made the switch. If you don't like feel of coated strings but would like an upgrade in these domains and don't mind the premium price, the NYXL0942 strings might just become your new favorite set.