D'Addario GH Acoustic Guitar Humidifier


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D'Addario GH Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

To the uninitiated humidifying your guitar can be a challenging idea to wrap your head around, but in practice it can be as simple as sticking a sponge in your guitar case and letting natural processes take care of the rest. Case in point: D’Addario’s GH.

The D’Addario Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier works by suspending a sponge inside of a plastic, non-drip casing.

As water evaporates from the sponge, it raises the ambient humidity inside of your guitar case. The wood then absorbs the excess humidity, keeping your instrument from drying out.


  • Weight: 0.3 oz
  • Suspension: Held By Strings
  • Longevity: Medium

Owners are pleased with how simple it is to use, and how affordable it is, myself included. Most are pleased with how it is able to humidify the guitar while being discretely tucked in the soundhole suspended by the strings.

While the D’Addario Guitar Humidifier is affordable, you do have to take care when using it. Always be sure to squeeze the sponge to remove excess water before placing it into your guitar, and also be sure to use distilled water with the sponge. Using distilled water helps to prevent mold growth, which means that your sponge will last longer.

The Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier is an affordable and no-frills way to keep your guitar safe from humidity fluctuations.

Although this was previously on our recommended list there are now more highly rated options available in our guide to The Best Guitar Humidifiers & Case Hygrometers.

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