Ddrum DD BETA Electronic Drum Set (Discontinued)


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Ddrum DD BETA Electronic Drum Kit

Ddrum DD BETA, is as the name implies, an entry level kit intended primarily for people who are learning drums,

As a few reviewers have pointed out, the pads don't have the same feel and responsiveness of acoustic drums or more expensive electronic kits, but they do provide a realistic layout so you can begin to learn where to hit as you work on your basic coordination and timing.

Many online reviews say they bought the Ddrum DD BETA for their children to learn on and they're reasonably happy with the results given the low purchase price.

The four drum pads only have a single zone, but the cymbals can at least be choked, and the sounds of the 32 pre-set kits it comes with are fit for purpose.

It does not have USB or MIDI connectivity so it can't be used as a MIDI Controller.

Although most reviewers liked the quality and construction for the price, there were a few who complained that the hi-hat pedal and sounds aren't as realistic as they could have been - particularly when opening and closing the hi-hat, but apart from that it has gone over reasonably well with people who bought it without overly high expectations.

If you're looking for a cheap electronic kit for someone to get started on, with the full understanding that you'll need to upgrade to a better model later if you get really serious about drumming, then the DD BETA is a good starting place.

Ddrum DD BETA Summary

Although we used to recommend buying this as a beginner drum set, there are now better options available which you can see in our guide to Cheap Electronic Drum Sets For Beginners.

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