Digitech Polara Reverb Pedal (Discontinued)

91 out of 100. Incorporating 650+ ratings and reviews.

Gearank Recommendation

The Digitech Polara appeared on our recommended list for Reverb Pedals when we published the first edition in October 2016 and it remained on that list until October 2018 when it was out-ranked by other pedals.


The Polara reverb pedal features an interesting mix of classic and modern reverb types, and some of the algorithms are based on staple studio gear from Lexicon.

This interesting combination makes it a viable pedal for both the minimalist and those who want to experiment with the reverb effect.

The Halo reverb is of special mention because it allows for interesting sounds with its cascading octaves and reverb decay, a unique reverb type that’s only available from the Polara. And since essential reverb types are included, you get the chance to switch from old school to new school with just a few knob twists.

The DigiTech Polara is a good choice for a workhorse reverb pedal, especially if you want the essentials to be of good quality while still having the option to play with more experimental reverb types.


  • Digital Reverb
  • Reverb Types: Room, Hall, Plate, Reverse, Modulated, Halo, Hall and Spring.
  • Controls: Level, Liveliness, Decay, Reverb Type
  • Input: Stereo 1/4″
  • Output: Stereo 1/4″
  • Power: Power Supply 9V DC
  • Bypass Type: Configurable to True Bypass or Buffered
  • Lexicon Reverb Technology
  • Dimensions: 4.40″ (L) x 2.65″ (W) x 2.0″ (H); 11.18cm
  • Weight: 1 lb
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