Donner Triple Looper Pedal


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Donner Triple Looper Pedal

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Our rating of 90/100 is based on analysis of 375+ sources comprised of online reviews and discussions. Under the Pros and Cons headings below you'll find a condensed analysis of what those owners and users have been saying. Feel free to ask questions or add your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks to improvements in data storage technology, you can now have a 3-track looper pedal with up to 30 minutes of recording per track, and more importantly, all these features are yours at a very cheap price, and in a very compact package.

The Donner Triple Looper has a streamlined interface which includes a knob for adjusting loop level, a switch for selecting between its 3 tracks, a display for showing time progress and a single footswitch that allows for multiple functions including recording, playing, overdubbing, redo and clear.


  • Total Loop Time: Up to 1800 sec per Save Slot
  • Loop Memory Slot: 3 Slots
  • Audio Quality: Not Specified
  • Input: 1 x 1/4"
  • Output: 1 x 1/4"
  • Power: DC 9V 300mA Adapter (Not included)
  • Dimensions: 4.72" x 2.36" x 2.36”
  • Weight: 0.34 lbs.


It's a given that many love this pedal for being affordable. With its 3-track switching and up to 30 minute recording per track, it really is hard to beat when it comes to value for money. Surprisingly, it also gets a lot of thumbs up for its sound quality, the loops it generates are described as clean and good sounding. Last but not the least, many are impressed with how much they can do with its simple single footswitch and knob interface.


The only real concern raised in reviews is the need to buy a power supply separately, and it doesn't run on batteries.


For those with budget constraints, or those who want a multi-track looper pedal that won't hog much pedalboard space, the Donner Triple Looper is highly recommended.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Loopers - Pedals & Tabletop.

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