Drumeo P4 Drum Practice Pad


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Drumeo P4 Drum Practice Pad


  • The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad is designed by world renowned drummer and educator, Pat Petrillo. It's the only practice pad in the market with four different playing surfaces that provide unique feels and responses, on three elevated levels to simulate actual drum-set movement.
  • The large blue surface is your standard gum rubber material, which feels very similar to a snare drum. Moving up to the next level, we have a harder neoprene black surface that feels more responsive than the gum rubber and is meant to emulate a tighter hi-tom. To the right, there is a white surface that is meant to feel more like a floor tom, or a less responsive drum (and the quietest surface for playing at night). Finally, we move up to the top level which is a very hard surface which emulates a ride cymbal, or a harder kevlar surface snare drum for those who play in drumline.
  • After practicing on The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad, you will notice three main areas of improvement in your drumming: First, your speed and fluidity will improve around the drum-set. Your time spent on the practice pad becomes efficient and the transition from pad to kit will be more seamless than ever. Second, you will play with more consistency, accuracy, and power, on all surfaces. Learning to utilize rebound on different surfaces is crucial, and you will finally have a tool to help you achieve those results. And thirdly, your practice pad sessions will become more musical and creative.
  • Many drummers buy expensive electronic drum-sets so they can practice at a lower volume. But with The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad, you will finally be able to practice quietly and creatively.