DW 9100AL Airlift Drum Throne


94 out of 100. Incorporating 100+ ratings and reviews.

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DW 9100AL Airlift Drum Throne

Drum Workshop has always been highly regarded in the field, their hardware especially.

The brand is synonymous with quality, and the DW 9100Al Airlift Drum Throne is a perfect example of this.

The throne uses a hydraulic lift system, making raising and lowering it as simple as pressing up or down on a lever.

The throne is also very well made, with its double braced legs being one of its stound-out features.

While the throne is great for home, the inclusion of the hydraulic lift system may make it a bit too heavy to be practical as a gigging throne.

It does fold up into a pretty manageable package, but if you’re going to be gigging consistently you may want to go with something that’s a bit lighter.

Key Features

  • Height Adjustment Range: 20” to 27.5”
  • Height Adjustment Method: Hydraulic
  • Extras: Optional Backrest (Sold Separately)


The hydraulic lift system makes height adjustments on the go a breeze. Long term users, including drummers with above average weight, say this is very solidly built. Having an additional double-braced leg adds to its strength and stability, although 3 legged thrones are stable enough for most drummers.


There are a handful of reports that the stand makes some squeaky noises with one user going so far as to say they wouldn't use it when recording, but this wasn't mentioned in 97% of user reviews. One downside mentioned by a few professional drummers is that the seat is not designed to be removed for transport so it might not fit easily in your current road case.


If you'd like the convenience of easy height adjustment and don't mind a little extra weight, then this is a good choice.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available that you can see in our guide to The Best Drum Thrones.