Earthworks DK25/R Drum Microphone Kit (Kick Mic Pad Adapter + 3 Mics) (Discontinued)


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Earthworks DK25/R Drum Microphone Kit

The Earthworks DK25/R offers a different approach to miking drums, instead of going with the usual 5 to 7 mic setup, it comes with a simplified setup of two overhead microphones and one kickpad mic.

Interestingly, this seemingly simplified setup, captures more details than conventional miking, thanks to the two overhead TC25 omnidirectional condenser mics, which captures the sound of the drum kit along with the natural air and reverb of the room. This makes it a simple yet effective mic setup for recording acoustic drum kits.

Supporting the two overhead mics is the SR25 condenser microphone with in-line kick pad adapter, especially designed to handle the low-end punch of kick drums.

The downside to this setup is the lack of control for individual drum parts when mixing, and it can't be used when recording a full band or in a noisy room.

Kit Contents

  • Microphones: 1 x SR25 Mic with KickPad Adapter, 2 x TC25 Overhead Mics
  • Accessories 1 x Kickpad Adapter, 1 x Windscreen, 1 x Case


Reviews are consistently good, with many praising this set for the clarity and overall cohesiveness of the resulting sound. The simplicity of its setup is also another plus, along with the versatility of the overhead mics, which can be used to record multiple instruments or singers. There are also some users who mix the Earthworks DK25/R with close proximity mics to achieve even better results.


This bundle suffers from the same limitation as other omnidirectional mics do - it captures every sound in the room, including unwanted sound. This means that it won't be of particular use for those without acoustically treated recording rooms, and they aren't viable for live use. Its premium price tag also factors in, it is not as affordable as many would like it to be.


If you are looking to step up the quality of your drum recordings and you're ready to make a bigger investment, then check out the Earthworks DK25/R.

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