Earthworks SR40V Handheld Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone


96 out of 100. Incorporating 20+ ratings and reviews.

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Earthworks SR40V Handheld Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone

Earthworks believes in the quality of the SR40V so much, that it comes with a 15 year warranty.

This by itself is telling of the quality, which many popular singers noticed and put to good use on the big stages, most notable of which is James Taylor who's been using it live since 2011.

Having the widest frequency response of mics in its class, the SR40V's main strength is its transparent sound, thanks to its flat frequency response.

The company claims that it requires less EQ, if not none at all, and this is corroborated by users. In addition, this mic has a hypercardioid polar pattern which helps quiet unwanted noise and feedback.


  • Type: Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz to 40kHz
  • Impedance: 65 Ohms with the min output load being 600 Ohms
  • Maximum SPL: 139 dB
  • Applications: Live and recorded vocals
  • Power Requirements: 48v phantom power


Not needing any EQ at all is a big claim, but reviews show that Earthworks is not bluffing, the SR40V's flat frequency response is the real deal. Many describe it as having recording studio like sound quality while having stage friendly reliability and rejection of noise and feedback. There are also a good number of experienced users who report that the Earthworks SR40V beats out all the other mics that they have owned.


It goes without saying that with a high-end mic like the SR40V, you'll have to invest more. This includes making sure that it is plugged into an equally high-end PA system. Careful handling is also expected, it would be painful to watch a rock singer dropping this almost $1000 price tag mic.


The Earthworks SR40V's wide frequency response and proven build quality makes this mic very easy to recommend and we are currently featuring it on our recommended list of Live Vocal Mics.

Earthworks SR40V Frequency Response Chart:

Earthworks SR40V frequency response chart

Earthworks SR40V Polar Pattern Chart:

Earthworks SR40V polar pattern chart

Here's a good demo of the Earthworks SR40V: