Elixir Strings Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings (Medium)

95 out of 100. Incorporating 3350+ ratings and reviews.

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Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Medium: Highest Rated Medium Gauge Acoustic Guitar String Set - 2022.06

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User Feedback

Reviews point to longevity as this set’s best trait, and it sits comfortably higher than the competition in terms of ratings.

Users are happy with how it still sounds good even after long use.

It also gets a lot of thumbs up for its versatility, with reports of it working well in multiple musical genres.

Because the set is a bit on the thicker side it might be hard to use these strings to play fast lead passages or complex fingerstyle songs. This is a matter of personal preference however, so your experience may vary.

Coated strings require a bit more investment, but most users are pleased with the return.