Eventide TimeFactor Twin Digital Delay Pedal


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Eventide TimeFactor Twin Digital Delay Pedal

It’s really hard to review this pedal, because if you ask “What does it do?”, the first answer that springs to mind is “Just about everything.” The delay types that come with the unit are: digital delay, vintage (analog) delay, tape echo, modulated delay, band delay (like modulated, but you can change the filter), multi-tap, and reverse delay.


  • Controls: Mix, Delay Mix, Preset Control, Xnob, Delay Time A and B, Depth, Speed, Filter, Feedback A and B
  • Delay Time: Up to 3000ms
  • Stereo Input/Output
  • True Bypass
  • AC Adapter

Unlike the T.C. Electronic pedals above, the Eventide also comes with a more feature packed looper. The Eventide’s looper allows for 12 seconds of audio, with a dubbing and speed control. Feature wise, the onboard looper is similar to other entry-level loopers (though still not comparable to a good dedicated looper).

Looking at the controls on the looper, it’d be understandable if you feel a bit overwhelmed. But while you have a lot of parameters to dial in, should you purchase this pedal you’ll adjust to them pretty quickly. The xnob is the only complicated control, because it’s usage varies based on the delay model selected (though the various functions are all described in the user manual).

If the features above weren’t enough, the Eventide also comes with an expression pedal input as well as a stereo and mono output. The unit also comes with a tap tempo functionality.

In summation, this pedal will take a bit of time to figure out. It’s more complicated and a bit less varied than T.C. Electronic’s TonePrint software, but at the same time the parameters available are easier to control because the unit has physical controls rather than a digital interface.

Also, take care if you buy this pedal used. Eventide has released several iterations of the pedal. The features will vary based on which model you go with.

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