Fender Mustang II v2 Guitar Amplifier 40W (Discontinued)

90 out of 100. Incorporating 325+ ratings and reviews.

The Mustang II has the same features as the 20W version, with the main difference being the increased power rating of 40W and bigger 12″ speaker. The Mustang II v2 is meant to be a practice amp that you can take with you when you perform in small to medium sized venues.


  • 40W Modeling Amp
  • 1×12″ Speaker
  • 18 Amp Models and 37 Effects
  • Onboard Chromatic Tuner
  • Headphones Output
  • Aux Input
  • USB connectivity
  • Bundled with Ableton Live 8 Fender Edition
  • Weight: 24 lbs.


As expected, the most favorite and widely praised feature of this amp is its Twin Reverb clean tones, which sounds as Fender’y as it can get, without the premium price tag. The amp modeling and effects feature also got a lot of commendations, saying that the quality is more than enough to make practice fun and interesting.


Interestingly, the smaller Mustang I v2 20W combo amp outranked this one, and it maybe because of the slightly heavier and bulkier profile of this amp. Being an in-between practice/jamming amp, it’s not as light as other practice amps, and not loud enough as other live performance amps, and this is reflected in some of the comments who either find the amp too big, or too small depending on what they are planning to use them.


If you’re looking for the best value and loudest amplifier that you can get for under $200, then the Fender Mustang II v2 is highly recommended.

Because this amp has been discontinued by Fender you may want to take a look at these alternatives instead: The Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under $200.

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