Fender Mustang LT25 1x8" 25-watt Guitar Combo Modeling Amp


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Fender Mustang LT 25 1x8" 25-watt Guitar Combo Modeling Amp

While there are affordable amps that offer amp modeling and effects, many of them don't have good sounding clean tone. This is why Fender's core clean tone remains to be their biggest advantage over other manufacturers.

The Mustang LT25 packs this iconic clean tone into a compact 25-Watt combo amplifier. It then expands on it via modern Digital Sound Processing technology.

This DSP allows for a selection of 20 amp models, starting with popular Fender amps like the '65 Twin Reverb, '65 Princeton, '57 Deluxe, '57 Twin and '59 Bassman. It also carries emulations of other popular amps like the Vox AC30, Marshall Super Lead, Hiwatt DR103, Marshall JCM800, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, EVH 5150 and more.

Compared to other amp modelers, it doesn't drown you with too many amp models, providing just enough to cover different musical styles.

Fender Mustang LT25 Signal Path

The effects side of the amp houses 25 digital effects divided into 4 sections, first of which is the Stompbox section which include a selection of overdrive, noise gate, fuzz, and compressor pedals. The other sections are Modulation, Delay and Reverb - with each section having a few effects options to play with.

Interestingly, Fender was able to incorporate all these modern features while retaining an intuitive interface, but there is an option for software control via USB.

Speaking of USB, it does allow for direct recording. Other features include a 1/8" headphones out, and a built-in tuner.

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