Gallien-Krueger MB112-II Bass Combo Amplifier


94 out of 100. Incorporating 150+ ratings and reviews.

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Gallien-Krueger MB112-II Bass Combo Amplifier

The Gallien-Kruegger MB112-II is a true workhorse road-worthy bass combo amp that packs quite the power and tone in a relatively light and compact profile.

Rated at 200 Watts and with its 12" speaker, this amp is more than capable of being loud, even more so when paired with a compatible GK powered extension speaker. But it's not just about being loud because tone shaping controls are also well appreciated, thanks to its contour button (instant scooped sound), 4-band active EQ and gain controls. It also helps that all these features are packed in a nice looking cabinet that weighs 28 lbs - giving you quite the power per weight ratio.


  • 200-Watts
  • 12” Speaker
  • Controls: Power, -10dB Pad, Gain, Contour, 4-Band EQ (Treble, Hi-Mid, Lo-Mid, Bass), Pre/Post
  • AUX-Input, Headphone-Output, Footswitch, Line Out


Overall market response to this amp continues to be positive, pleasing the ears of beginners and experienced bassists alike. Some even tout it as the best sounding bass amp that they have ever tried, and after hearing it in action myself, I also have the same sentiment. There are also a lot of positive responses towards the amp's build quality and relatively light profile, which is important for those who need a reliable yet portable workhorse bass amp.


There are a few users who nitpicked on minor details like the off-center handle. There are also a few who report noise issues with the DI out, but this could very well be a cable problem, since it's not a common issue.


The GK MB112-II is a worthy workhorse amp for any serious bassist. If you're looking for a less expensive option then take a look at our guide to The Best Bass Amps Under $500.