Gator GPB-BAK Aluminum Pedalboard Large (23.75" x 10.6")


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Gator Aluminum Pedalboard Large (23.75" x 10.6")

Gator continues to break the monotonous black color theme of aluminum pedalboards in the market, this time capturing the fancy of guitarists with a large size board that comes in various color finishes.

As the name implies, it is crafted from aluminum, which is preferred by many for it is strength and lighter weight.

It has an angled profile and features routing perforations for clutter-free positioning of your cables underneath the board.

The Gator Aluminum Pedalboard Large is 23.75" x 10.6" and allows for up to 12 standard size pedals, which is right around the usual number of pedals gigging guitarists tend to lug around - even if they don't regularly use more than half of them during performances.

Like the smaller version, it utilizes adhesive hook-and-loop strips to secure your pedals, and features no-slip rubber feet for stability. You can store the board along with the pedals you've attached on it inside a polyethylene-reinforced carry bag with removable shoulder strap.

A standout feature is its color variants, which include black, green, orange and white.


  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy Pedalboard
  • Inclination: Angled
  • Dimensions: 23.75" x 10.66" x 2.98"
  • Case: Soft Nylon Carry Bag
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Pedal Fastener: 3M Dual Lock Hook and Loop
  • Features: Cable routing perforations for routing your signal and power cables, 4 colors to choose from


Most of the users were impressed by its overall quality and color options. Many experienced users commended the Gator Aluminum Pedalboard for having a well thought out design, with its angled profile and cable routing holes. The bundled nylon carry bag also got a lot of praise from users who found it to be of better quality compared to the competition.


There were some users who had to improvise to get their power supply secured under the board, but this is expected since there really is no standard size and shape for them.


The Gator Aluminum Pedalboard Large lost its spot on our recommended list in December 2019 due to more highly rated options having become available. You can see our recommended list in our guide to The Best Guitar Pedalboards.