Gearlux Dreadnought Acoustic Hardshell Guitar Case


94 out of 100. Incorporating 900+ ratings and reviews.

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Gearlux Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case

This is a wooden case that follows conventional design, with black PVC material covering the exterior, contrasted by chrome hardware.

It comes in a shape that is meant to match the size of the familiar dreadnought acoustic, with over 2mm of foam lining in its interior to protect the guitar. Following conventional hardshell case designs, this case has a neck support with a compartment for storing small accessories.

One of the chrome latches comes with a lock and key, and the case has a PVC handle for carrying it around old school style.

Finally, it has chrome feet for stability when placed in a standing up position.


  • Type: Hardshell Case
  • Lower Bout: 16.5"
  • Middle Bout: 12.5
  • Upper Bout: 13.5"
  • Neck Length: 23.5"
  • Overall Length: 44"
  • Body Depth: 6"


Market sentiment can be summed up by this statement, "it is a great guitar case for the price". Owners are happy with how it stores and protects their favorite guitars, and does so without having to shell out big bucks. Reviews show that this case works for a wide variety of guitars, including Martin D-45, Gibson Songwriter Deluxe, Jasmine S-33, Yamaha LL6, Ibanez AJ307CE, Yamaha FG-430, Breedlove Pursuit Concert and many more. There are even some who use this case with their classical guitars, including a Cordoba 12-fret cutaway model.


Given that this is a wooden case with PVC covering, some caution that the exterior can be scratched or damaged if not handled carefully. And like most traditional wooden cases, it is a bit on the heavy side.


The Gearlux Dreadnought Case is for those who you're looking for an affordable yet good quality old school style case.