Gibraltar 9908 Drum Throne


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Gibraltar 9908 Drum Throne

As far as hardware is concerned, the Gibraltar 9908 Drum Throne is very similar to the 9608 series.

Key Features

  • Seat Size: 17"
  • Height Adjustment Range: Not Specified (Though likely 20” to 28” like Gibraltar’s other thrones)
  • Height Adjustment Configuration: Friction
  • Extras: Optional Back Rest

It has the same layout for the legs, is built with the same materials, and has the same height adjustment mechanism.

The main difference between this model and those in the cheaper 9608 series is the seat.

The seat on the 9908 was built and designed with a lot of care, and if you have back issues it’s definitely worth a look. In addition to its stitching, it was also built in a way that provides drummers with extra lumbar support.

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