Gibson 57' Classic Plus Humbucker Nickel Bridge Electric Guitar Pickup


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Gibson 57' Classic Plus Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup

The most famous Gibson pickups are known as PAFs, which stands for patent applied for.

Since their introduction, and subsequent discontinuation, Gibson has cycled through tons of different pickups looking to get as close as possible to the famous tone of their initial humbuckers.

The Gibson 57’ Classic Plus is a reproduction of a slightly overwound (more windings equals higher output) PAF pickup, so it has a warm vintage tone and some more modern bite.

Think of a Led Zeppelin style Les Paul tone. Unlike original PAFs, the Gibson 57’ Classic Plus is manufactured under stricter levels of quality control. This means that you’re going to get a more consistent performance out of your pickups.

To stay true to its roots, the Gibson 57’ Classic Plus also uses vintage construction, such as enamel coated wire, nickel slugs, maple spacers, and two conductor braided wiring.


  • Position: Bridge
  • Magnet Material: Alnico 2
  • Dimensions: Not Stated
  • String Spacing: Not Stated (Likely Standard Gibson Spacing)
  • Available Colors/Covers: Nickel, Gold, Double Black, Zebra

Those who switched to the '57 Classic Plus report that it improved the depth and clarity of their sound. Many credit the pickup for being responsive and dynamic, even when playing through a high-gain amp or distortion pedal. Most of the reviewers put the '57 Classic Plus in the bridge position where it shines the most. Even those who own expensive Gibson Les Paul report dramatic improvement in tone after switching out their default humbuckers.

As expected from Gibson, the price is a bit steep for some owners, prompting them to rate this pickup slightly lower.

If you're into the classic Gibson Les Paul tone, then it's best to go with the company that actually build the original. While it maybe expensive, most agree that the '57 Classic Plus is a worthy investment.

Although this used to be on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Electric Guitar Pickups.