Gibson Switchblade Guitar Strap (Discontinued)


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Gibson Accessories Switchblade Guitar Strap
Gibson Accessories Switchblade Guitar Strap

Carrying heavy solidbody electric guitars for long periods can be quite the task, thankfully there are comfortable straps like the Gibson Switchblade.

This premium strap features 1/2" thick memory foam inner padding that helps distribute the weight evenly as you play your instrument.

The full-grain leather top adds to the straps overall appeal while the soft garment leather backing adds to the overall comfort.

Finally, the Gibson Switchblade comes with a nylon buckle that serves as a quick-release connector, so you can take off the strap easily.


  • Width: 3.5" (At the Padding)
  • Length: 47.5" - 60"
  • Material: 0.5" Thick Memory Foam Pad, Leather End Pieces
  • Design: Full Grain Leather Top, Soft Garment Leather Backing


Even with their high expectations, many reviewers still found themselves surprised by the quality of the Gibson Switchblade. Some of the reviews mention using this strap with their Gibson Les Paul guitars to great effect, while others were simply impressed with its overall build quality.


Ironically, there were a few who commented that the padding was a bit of an overkill when used with lighter guitars, but they still regarded the strap highly.


If comfort is high up in your list of priorities, and budget is not an issue then do check out the Gibson Switchblade. It was on our recommended list until August 2019 when we performed a major review of guitar straps and found there were more highly rated options which you'll find in our guide to The Best Guitar Straps.