GTD Audio G-380H 4 Channel VHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System – 4 Mics

90 out of 100. Incorporating 1200+ ratings and reviews.
GTD Audio

The GTD Audio G-380H is a popular system due to its very low price. The price is kept down in 2 main ways – the system is not expandable and will cause interference if you try using 2 systems at the same time, and the microphones are only basic ones.

The volume of each of the 4 mics can be set independently at the receiver and a mixed signal taken out, or you can simply take all 4 balanced XLR lines out independently to your mixing console.

Although the majority of user reviews are quite favorable, some do mention quality control issues and a few report that one or more of their mics stopped working in less than a year.

Most of the reports about range were positive with only a few users reporting interference or noise issues.

Feature Overview

  • Mic frequency response: 45Hz to 18KHz
  • Receiver frequency: 240 – 260 MHz
  • Range: 350 feet
  • Individual Balanced XLR and a mixed non-balanced 1/4″ output
  • Battery Life: 9 Hours

Overall this is an okay system given the low price, however you must handle with care and don’t expect the same year in and year out robust performance you would expect from a more expensive system.