Harbinger HA300 Compact Portable PA System (Discontinued)


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Harbinger HA300 Compact Portable PA System
Harbinger HA300 Compact Portable PA System

The Harbinger HA300 is an affordable full range portable PA system that is rated at 300W (100W + 200W for the Subwoofer).

It doesn't follow conventional two-way speaker designs, rather it combines a vertical array with four 4.5" speakers and a 3.5" piezo driver horn, with a 12" subwoofer. While this configuration is not entirely new, Harbringer Audio is able to produce one at a very modest price point. This compact PA is ideal for small venues, useful for DJs and performers that don't require too many inputs.


  • 100W + 200W (Subwoofer) Amplifier
  • Built-in Feedback Suppression and SPX Digital Reverb
  • Channels: 3
  • Speakers: 4 x 4.5" MF Drivers, 1 x 3.5" HF Driver, 1 x 12" LF Driver
  • EQ: 2-Band EQ per Channel, Master 1-knob EQ
  • Input: 2 x XLR/TRS Combo, 1 x Stereo
  • Output: Subwoofer Line Out
  • Speaker Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Subwoofer Frequency Response: 35Hz-150Hz
  • Speaker Dimensions (HxWxD): 28"x7.5"x6.5"
  • Subwoofer Dimensions (HxWxD): 14"x17.75"x21.625"
  • Weight: 70.8 (23.3 + 47.5) lbs .


Most reviewers found the Harbringer HA300 to be a great bang per buck PA System, and many are impressed by the quality of its sound, when considering its affordable price tag. To be specific, a good number of positive comments came from DJs who found the HA300 to exceed their expectations. There were users who expanded the input options by adding 3rd party mixers, and they were happy to report that it can handle multiple instruments really well at reasonable volume levels, including acoustic and electric guitars.


There are a number of users who were worried about the build quality, while others found the input options to be lacking. Some users found the subwoofer to be too heavy, and remedied the situation by adding caster wheels.


If you're looking for a small affordable PA system with the low-end thump of a subwoofer, then get the Harbringer HA300 if you can find one still for sale or available second hand.

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Where can I get replacement 4

Where can I get replacement 4-½” drivers for the 300T? I’ve search online and can’t find this dia in 4 ohm 50w