Headway EDB-2 Acoustic Preamp & DI (Discontinued)

87 out of 100. Incorporating 60+ ratings and reviews.


  • Twin channel with individual inputs & gain controls
  • 5 Band EQ assignable to Channel 1, 2 or both
  • Notch Filter assignable to Channel 1 or 2
  • Huge 0-32 dB Gain to interface with most mixers/desks etc
  • Phantom Power is assignable to either “ring”, “tip”, or XLR to power virtually all instrument microphones/pickups.
  • Phase Reverse assignable to each channel
  • Earth Lift Switch
  • “Range” Switch tuned for specific instruments i.e. Violin, Guitar, Bass etc
  • iPod Input for backing tracks, practice routines etc
  • Mute Switch
  • Mono, Stereo & XLR Inputs, Jack and XLR Outputs
  • Battery or Mains powered (power supply included)

Sound on Sound Review

In his review Bob Thomas said, “However, the EDB2 came into its own when dealing with more complex (from a sound-reinforcement point of view) sources. Most of my instruments have pickup/pickup or pickup/mic combinations (which Headway, incidentally, don’t recommend), and getting the best out of these setups does require a bit of work — which the EDB2 handled with ease. Having the five-band EQ and the notch filter available on either channel (or both in the case of the EQ) makes life so much easier. Couple those with the three-position Range switch and you’re close to my ideal acoustic preamp. “

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