Hercules Stands MS533B EZ Clutch Tripod Mic Stand with 2 In 1 Hideaway Boom


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Hercules Stands MS533B EZ Clutch Tripod Mic Stand with 2 In 1 Hideaway Boom

The Hercules Stands MS533B features a vertical adjustment clutch design unlike many others on the market.

While other clutch designs rely on a screw mechanism, the MS533B clutch adjusts by pressing or squeezing the mechanism.


  • EZ Clutch and hideaway design for faster adjustments and storage
  • Base Diameter: 26.8"
  • Height Adjustment from 42.1" - 94.5"
  • Boom length: 30.7"
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs


Many prefer the clutch mechanism over the twist type because of the convenience in adjusting the height of the stand. The arm is said to not have any sag issues whatsoever.


The boom arm does not swivel. This means that to reposition the mics along a vertical axis, you need to move the entire mic stand. Users report the angles for the boom are limited by the hideaway design.


The Hercules Stands MS533B Mic stand is a great choice for miking up instruments and vocals. The convenience brought by the clutch and boom design is offset by their adjustability so they may not be practical for live use. Nonetheless, having the stand in your studio may be useful for sessions where quick adjustments must be made on the fly.

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