Ibanez TSA15 Tube Screamer Combo Guitar Amp 15W 1x12" (Discontinued)


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Ibanez TSA15 Tube Screamer Combo Guitar Amp 15W 1x12

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  • Power: 15W (Built-in Power Attenuator - 5W)
  • Speaker: 1 x 12" Celestion Seventy80
  • Preamp Tube: 2 x 12AX7
  • Power Tube: 2 x 6V6GT
  • Effects: Built-in Tube Screamer
  • Input: 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/4" (Footswitch), 1 x 1/4" (FX Loop)
  • Outputs: 5 x 1/4", 1 x 1/4" (FX Loop)
  • Weight: 33.07 lbs.


Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Carlos Santana and John Mayer are just a few of the many major league guitarists who utilize the Tube Screamer pedal to drive their tube amps.

With the pedal's popularity, Ibanez decided to combine the circuit of the famous "green" pedal into a tube amp, resulting in the TSA15.

This means that you can readily drive the preamp section (which features a pair of 12AX7 tubes) right on the amp itself.

The amp also features a pair of 6V6 power tubes for a true all-tube tone. For the speaker, Ibanez opted for a branded 12" Celestion Seventy 80, which is described as having punchy and aggressive upper midrange response.

Other features include a 6 dB boost switch, and a built-in 5W power attenuator that lets you run the amp at quieter levels.

The obvious use for this amp is to play blues and rock style songs, but there are some who love it for clean jazz styles.

If you're into the SRV Tube Screamer style tube tone, and you're looking for a compact amp that can do just that, then get the Ibanez TSA15.

Gearank Recommendation

The TSA15 appeared on our recommended list for Combo Tube Amps Under $500 when we first published it in March 2018 and it remained there until July 2020.

This amp has been discontinued. You can find alternatives in our guides to Small / Low Watt Tube Amps and Combo Tube Amps Under $500.