iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ MIDI Interface (Discontinued)

83 out of 100. Incorporating 50+ ratings and reviews.

This has been superseded by iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ Lightning Edition

The iConnectMIDI2+ has multi-host capabilities where it connects not only Mac, PC or iOs devices, but also traditional MIDI hardware. Aside from sending and receiving MIDI messages, Its Audio passThru™ allows digital audio to integrate between devices without delay. This is effective when using your Mac or PC as a synth slave to your iOs device, or even running a soft synth on your mobile device as a touch-controlled plug-in for your DAW.


  • Number of MIDI Ports: 2 MIDI-In / 2 MIDI-Out
  • Compatibility: Class Compliant
  • Power Supply: USB Bus Powered
  • Size: 8.43″(W) x 1.46″(H) x 5.51″(D)
  • Weight: 34.08 oz


When it comes to routing devices, it’s very flexible when using soft synths with their iOs devices to their PC or Mac. A number of owners were impressed by its Audio passThru™ feature, which allows routing of audio signals to their DAW from external routed equipment. An example of this would be audio routing the VSTs from their iPad to their laptop. There were reports of zero latencies when it comes to playing synths. Additionally, the digital audio workstations’ were able to detect the interface easily.


There were a few users who reported that setting up with an iPad is trickier, and eventually found solutions by adjusting MIDI settings on their computer. Some also mentioned some of the advanced features take a while to learn.


This is an excellent versatile MIDI interface for those who are familiar with an advanced understanding for MIDI routings.

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