IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK Desktop Vibration Isolator Stands for Studio Monitors and Amps - Pair


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IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK Vibration Isolator Stands

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The ISO-PUCK isn't your standard monitor stand; they are small, sound and vibration isolating modules meant to be used to prop up your speakers away from the surface they're resting on.

They essentially decouple your speaker from anything that might resonate with the speakers, improving balance and stereo image.


  • Height: 1.2"
  • Base Size (L x W): 2.4" x 2.4"
  • Weight Capacity: 20 lbs. per puck


Far from just a placebo, many users experienced a boost in clarity and separation when their speakers were mounted on ISO-PUCKs. Resonance from your surfaces or desks can cause unnecessary low frequency buildup, resulting in smearing of the stereo field.


The ISO-PUCKS are best used in sets of 4 per speaker. Given their nature and small size, they cannot elevate your speakers to the "tweeters at ear level" industry standard. Desks that lay low may need additional height to place speakers.


The ISO-PUCKs are more supplementary stands than main stands as they are meant to reduce resonance from speakers leaking onto your desk. If your speakers are propped up on elevated desk shelves and you want more isolation or height , the ISO-PUCKS are a great way to prop them up and decouple them. The clarity alone is worth getting into. Avoid them if you are looking for a main stand or mounting device for your speakers.

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