JHS AT (Andy Timmons) Overdrive Pedal


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JHS AT (Andy Timmons) Overdrive Pedal

Though marketed as an overdrive pedal, the JHS AT (Andy Timmons) Overdrive Pedal is actually a combination overdrive/distortion pedal. Essentially, the range of gain on the pedal spans both classic overdriven and distorted tones.

An interesting feature of this pedal is the wattage switch, which essentially acts as a headroom modifier. The pedal models three different wattage levels: 25-watts, 50-watts, and 100-watts. Gain (distortion) and compression increases with lower wattage settings while volume increases at higher wattage modes. The best thing about this feature is that, while the control itself does take some getting used to, it makes it easy to dial in a specific level of gain. You can get in the right ballpark with just the wattage selection switch, and then fine tune it with the drive control.


  • Controls: Volume, EQ, Drive, AIR, Wattage Switch
  • Analog
  • Not Specified
  • 9-Volt Adapter
  • Andy Timmons

Lastly, the pedal also comes with a presence control (labelled “Air”). Presence controls the voicing of the upper mid-range and high-end frequencies, allowing you to dial more brightness into your tone.

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