Korg AW3G2WH PitchHawk G2 Clip-On Tuner (Discontinued)


86 out of 100. Incorporating 80+ ratings and reviews.

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Korg AW3G2WH PitchHawk G2 Clip-On Tuner
Korg AW3G2WH PitchHawk G2 Clip-On Tuner


  • Color LCD
  • Slim profile
  • Guitar and bass modes, along with flat/capo settings
  • Over-winding warning
  • Calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup

Korg have built their reputation by producing quality gear that goes beyond the confinement of guitar accessories, and as such they have more than enough experience to design and mass produce reputable clip-on tuners. The Pitchhawk features a slim body with improved high-contrast high-brightness LCD display. The smaller footprint makes positioning and storage more convenient, and reduces the risk of damaging your beloved acoustic guitar when tuning. The bigger and brighter display ensures that you get great visual feedback whichever position is convenient for you. Other nifty features include over-winding warning for beginners, auto power off and memory backup. While the bells and whistles are limited, you can expect this tuner to have Korg's brand of quality build and reliability. If you're looking for a straightforward and practical tuner with impressive visual flair, then this is the tuner for you.