Korg MicroArranger Portable Keyboard 61 Key (Discontinued)


87 out of 100. Incorporating 90+ ratings and reviews.

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Korg MicroArranger Portable Keyboard
Korg MicroArranger Portable Keyboard

From its humble beginnings in 1962, Korg is now one of the biggest music gear producers in the world. The MicroArranger is a reasonably priced portable keyboard with "arranger" features built-in.

The Korg MicroArranger is more than just a practice and performance keyboard, it is also a powerful music production tool. It is part of the company's line of keyboard arrangers which normally require a more premium price tag.

As the name implies, the keys are smaller to limit the overall size for increased portability, while having the same sound quality and "arranging" features so you can sequence multiple instruments to produce songs, right on the unit itself.

It provides a powerful and lightweight instrument and tool for keyboardists who are beginning to arrange and produce songs, or want to craft music while on the go.


  • 61 Mini Size Keys
  • Action: Touch Response
  • Velocity Sensitive
  • 62-note Polyphony
  • LCD display
  • 16-track Sequencer
  • Pitch Bend Wheel
  • 2-way 10cm Stereo Speakers (open air)
  • 5 pin MIDI In + 5 pin MIDI Out
  • 62 voices, 62 oscillators, 662 presets, 33 drum kits
  • Multi-part Arrangements
  • Memorize maximum 36 chord variations per style
  • Music Stand
  • Optional Sustain Pedal
  • 12V power adapter
  • Weight: 9.26 lbs.


Many of the musicians that rated this keyboard highly point to the quality of its sound and its incredible versatility. Others mention being surprised by the number of things that they can do with the unit, and the improvements it brought to their performance and music production process - especially when considering its modest size and price point. The overall opinion is that the Korg MicroArranger is of top notch quality in terms of playing feel, sound and reliability.


There are few complaints that refer to the keys being smaller, but this is to be expected. Thankfully, many of those who commented on the size of the keys actually learned to like and appreciate the instrument, even ending up highly rating the MicroArranger. There were a few that mentioned learning curve to be an issue, but other reviewers were quick to point out that it gets easier once you get used to the controls.


After looking at all the portable keyboards in the sub $500, the Korg MicroArranger easily has the best feature set, and well worth the extra money that it requires compared to the others on this list. If key size is not an issue, and you're looking for a powerful portable keyboard, then get this one.

Sadly it's become difficult to find one for sale new, so if you're not looking for a second hand one then check out the alternatives in our guide to The Best Portable Keyboards.