Korg microKORG Virtual Analog Digital Synthesizer Keyboard with Vocoder


91 out of 100. Incorporating 1200+ ratings and reviews.

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Korg microKORG Virtual Analog Digital Synthesizer with Vocoder

The microKORG is a more portable version of the MS2000 from Korg.

Along with the similar dual oscillator synthesis engine, it has an eight-band vocoder that can simulate classic sounds.

The Formant Hold key, which is a part of its vocoder program, can "freeze" and capture your vocal signal for you to play it on the keyboard.

This synthesizer contains 128 presets of various modern synths, classic synths and vocoder sounds.

The controls are easy to figure out since the design is pretty straightforward with its large, easy- to-read and backlit controls, great to use on dimly lit stages.


  • Keys: 37 Mini Semi-weighted keys
  • Polyphony: 4 voices
  • Display: 3 characters ×1 line with 8 segment LED
  • Oscillator:2 Oscillator + Noise Generator, Virtual Patch×4
  • Filter: Multi Mode Filter(-24dB/octLPF,-12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF)
  • Envelope: 2 x EG
  • LFO: 2 x LFOs
  • Additional Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
  • Presets: 128
  • Effects: 3 x Modulation effects, 3 x Delay,1 x Equalizer
  • Arpeggiator: 6 Patterns
  • Audio Input: 1 x 1/4" line input, 1 x 1/4" Level switch LINE/MIC
  • Audio Output:1/4" TSR L/R, 1/4" Headphone out
  • Other Connectivity:MIDI In, Out, Thru
  • Power: DC 9 V (AC adapter), or six AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 20.63" x 9.13" x 2.76"
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs


Many reviewers who have owned this synthesizer for years highly recommend this because of its versatility. Apart from its vocoding capabilities, its simple controls and numerous customizable sound options appealed to many reviewers. The knobs made it easy for users to scroll and access through different presets and effects. They also liked the fact that they were able to edit preset patches and customize waveforms in real time. In addition to that, this synthesizer allows you to connect other instruments through external audio input jacks and MIDI inputs.


Some reviewers were unsatisfied with its lack of USB connectivity and velocity sensitive keys, which isn't an issue if you don't need those features, but it's a show stopper for those that do.


This synthesizer is a good option for beginners and intermediate players and we used to have it on our recommended list, however there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Synthesizer Keyboards.