Lava Cable LCPBKTR Tightrope Solder-Free PedalBoard Patch Cable Kit (10')


72 out of 100. Incorporating 100+ ratings and reviews.

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Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free PedalBoard Kit
Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free PedalBoard Kit

The Lava Tightrope Solder-Free kit makes their brand of quality available for pedalboard owners who want to use custom sized patch cables.

It features 10 feet of their Ultramafic solid silver plated 20 gauge cable (32 pF/ft capacitance), which you can cut to your preference.

The cable is paired with 10 right angle plugs, all of which allow for convenient solder-free connectivity.

So with this kit you are getting up to five Lava quality patch cables to get your pedals connected.


  • Pack: 10' Cable, 10 Right Angle Solderless Plugs
  • Plug: Right Angle Solderless
  • Jacket: Double Insulated
  • Shield: Braided Copper
  • Length: 10'


Ease of setup are consistently mentioned in reviews, even those with experience in making patch cables are impressed with how convenient this kit is. Build quality of the plugs and cables are also highly regarded, to the point that some notice improved clarity in their overall sound.


There are a few who find that the 10' cable is not enough for their pedalboard, so you'll have to do the math properly to know if you'll need to buy two kits or more. Some users also caution that getting the cable inside the plug properly is important. Unfortunately, there are some users who improperly rate this kit lower due to problems that they themselves caused due to mistakes or lack of experience.


If you're looking for a premium patch cable that you can custom cut to your preference then the Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free Kit is worth considering but it's not currently on our recommended list. To see more highly rated options go to The Highest Rated DIY Solderless Patch Cable Kits.