MAKA MK-21 Soprano Ukulele 21 (Discontinued)


90 out of 100. Incorporating 30+ ratings and reviews.

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The Maka MK-21 is a 21" soprano ukulele that comes packed with features that are normally reserved for more expensive instruments.

The body is crafted from mahogany, while the neck is topped with a rosewood fingerboard - a combination that's popular with guitars. Together with its Nylgut nylon strings from Aquila, this ukulele produces a focused yet warm tone. Another stand out feature is the use of buffalo bone for the nut and saddles, which is expected to be better than the usual plastic saddles and nuts that are used on other ukuleles in this price range.


Beautiful and gorgeous are just two of the many positive remarks that users write in reviews, mostly pertaining to its earthy look, thanks to its satin finish. The Maka MK-21 also gets a lot of commendations for its sound and playability.


There are a few users who complained about fingerboard and fret quality, which to them translates to an instrument that's harder to tame. There are also some concerns over the bundled items being a bit on the cheap side, in terms of reliability.


Overall marker sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, which makes the Maka MK-21 very easy to recommend, however it's no longer available new so we recommend you look at alternatives in our guides to Beginner Ukuleles or Soprano Ukuleles.