Martin MSP3200 SP 80/20 Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings (Discontinued)


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Like the M540 series, the Martin MSP3200 SP 80/20 series has been really well received. In fact, the reception they’ve gotten definitely makes them one of the standout strings in their price tier. Even better, their arguably one of the most affordable sets of 80/20 guitar strings available.

The main thing you need to know about these strings is that they’re made from an 80/20 alloy, so they’re going to be really bright compared to phosphor bronze. This isn’t a bad thing, but there are some musicians who don’t really like 80/20.

80/20, when used on your average dreadnought, creates an almost twangy tone. It’s great for fast strumming and bluegrass/Americana lead, but the tone isn’t as balanced as phosphor bronze.

So in some situations 80/20 strings can sound really thin when played solo, even if they do perform really well when played in a band.


  • Gauge: Medium (.013 to .056)
  • Material: 80/20 Bronze (Brass)
  • Coated: No


Unfortunately these strings have been discontinued - see our guide to Acoustic Guitar Strings for alternatives.