midiplus Tbox 2X2 USB MIDI Interface (Discontinued)

88 out of 100. Incorporating 90+ ratings and reviews.

Gearank Recommendation

The Tbox 2X2 appeared on our recommended list for MIDI Interfaces from May 2018 until April 2020.


The Tbox 2×2 is a simple MIDI interface with a total of 32 MIDI channels of (16) inputs and (16) outputs.

Aside from its compatibility with different operating systems, it can be used to connect other older hardware equipment as long as they have standard 5-Pin MIDI connections.

This is beginner friendly interface for those who are looking for something affordable and easy to set up.


  • Number of MIDI Ports: 2 MIDI In / 2 MIDI Out
  • Compatibility: Class Compliant
  • Power Supply: USB powered
  • Size: 3.8″ (W) x 2.7″ (D) x 1.7″ (H)
  • Weight: 0.32 oz
Although the Tbox 2X2 is highly rated it is no longer available, but you can see our current recommendations in our guide to The Highest Rated MIDI Interfaces.

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