Monoprice Stage Right 611815 – 15-Watt 112 Tube Combo Guitar Amp (Discontinued)

93 out of 100. Incorporating 1750+ ratings and reviews.

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Monoprice Stage Right 611815: Highest Rated Combo Tube Amp Under $500 - 2022.08

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The Stage Right 611815 first appeared on our recommended list for Tube Amps in November 2019 and it has remained in every edition we’ve since published.

It was also our budget recommendation for Low Watt Tube Amps from February through August 2022.

It also went on our Guitar Amps Under $300 list in April 2020 where it is today.


  • Can get muddy when driven too hard
  • Not for those who prefer a tight response


  • Hard to beat when it comes to value
  • Vintage clean and dirty voicings
  • Good volume for a 15W amp
  • Works well with pedals


The Monoprice Stage Right 611815 stands out in the realm of affordable tube amps, offering features and performance that typically command higher prices. This 15-Watt, all-tube combo amp combines classic design elements with modern enhancements, making it a standout choice for musicians on a budget.

At its core, the Stage Right 611815 features a tube setup that includes three ECC83 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes, a configuration synonymous with vintage amp warmth and versatility. Unlike many amps in its price range, it includes a Celestion Seventy 80 12″ speaker, renowned for its ability to handle both bright tones and low-end frequencies with clarity.

Controls on the amp are surprisingly comprehensive, with knobs for gain, volume, and a 3-band EQ, allowing for extensive tone shaping. This versatility makes it suitable for various musical genres, from classic blues to rock ‘n’ roll, delivering both clean tones and mid-gain distortions reminiscent of vintage amplifiers.

In terms of build and design, the Stage Right 611815 features a cream-colored synthetic leather exterior and cloth speaker grill, adding a touch of classic aesthetics to its functionality.

While the amp excels in affordability and versatility, it’s important to note that its sound leans towards transparency rather than emulating specific vintage or modern tones. This quality makes it an excellent canvas for effects pedals, catering well to musicians who prefer customization and experimentation in their sound.

Moreover, the amp includes built-in spring reverb, enhancing its sonic capabilities further. It also features an attenuator switch, allowing users to reduce the power from 15-Watts down to 1-Watt, making it suitable for both home practice and small venue performances without compromising on tone quality.

Overall, the Monoprice Stage Right 611815 represents exceptional value in the realm of budget-friendly tube amps. Its combination of tube-driven warmth, versatile controls, and quality components like the Celestion Seventy 80 speaker make it a top contender for musicians looking to achieve professional-grade sound without breaking the bank.


  • Power Rating: 15-Watts (Switchable to 1-Watt)
  • Preamp Tube(s): 3 x ECC83/12AX7
  • Poweramp Tube(s): 2 x EL84
  • Speaker: 1×12” Celestion Red Truvox 1215
  • Cabinet: Rear Ported
  • Controls: Gain, Volume, Tone, Bass, Middle, Treble, Reverb, 15W/1W Switch
  • Input(s): Normal, FX Return
  • Output(s): FX Send/Line Out, External Speaker
  • Weight: 31.6 lbs
  • Suitable for: Clean, Blues, Rock

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WebsiteSource*Rating Value
Festival PeakChristian A. Pfeiffer88/100
YouTube60 Cycle Hum97/100
*Displayed values are prior to the Gearank Algorithm’s adjustments it makes when evaluating the source.


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