Monster Classic Coiled Instrument Guitar Cable (Discontinued)


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Monster Classic Coiled Instrument Guitar Cable
Monster Classic Coiled Instrument Guitar Cable

Since it is pricey, it's only natural for increased expectations, yet Monster Cable is not one to back down. They've been building their reputation on premium audio cables, which include their recreation of the classic coiled guitar cable. While it sports an old school coiled cable look, this one follows the company's modern design to the letter, with its 20 AWG copper conductor, 90% copper spiral wrap shielding, duraflex jacket and twisted pair construction.


  • 20 AWG
  • 90% Copper Spiral Wrap Shielding
  • Twisted Pair Construction
  • Duraflex jacket
  • All metal connectors
  • Length: 21'
  • Practical Stage Length: 4' coiled and stretches to 10'


Many users consider this as their best cable purchase, and considering the price they had to pay for this cable, these are big statements. All in all, users are very pleased with the substantial difference in tone compared to other cheaper cables. Others are satisfied with the cable's transparency. Being a coiled cable, there were some users who found it ideal for bright sounding guitars, very subtly taming the excess highs.


There aren't that many complaints about the cable in general, aside from a few who found the coiled cable to be shorter than they expected. Interestingly, only those that have not tried the cable appeared to have complained about its premium price tag.


If you're looking for a premium road worthy cable and want the vintage swag of coils, then this is highly recommended.