Monster Rock M ROCK2-12A - 12' Instrument Guitar Cable (Discontinued)


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Monster Rock Instrument Guitar Cable
Monster Rock Instrument Guitar Cable

If you're asking how a guitar cable would cost this much, Monster Cable will point you to its features - patented time correct windings which they say help improve sound transfer, the extra-flexible Duraflex jacket and IsoTec vibration isolation that helps reduce operation noise.

They also employ what they call multi-gauge design, and they claim that as a whole, the cable's design helps alleviate unwanted hum, crackles, and drop outs.

So far, the company has been doing really well, maintaining their foothold on the premium guitar cable market having had big name artists like Scott Ian, Zakk Wylde and Kerry King recommending their products.


  • Multi-gauge
  • Carbon-infused polymer shielding
  • Duraflex Jacket
  • 24K Gold Contacts
  • Length: 12'
  • Available Lengths: 3' | 12' | 21' | 30'
  • Available Plugs: Straight or Angled


Reliability and transparency are the best traits of this cable, as alluded to by many reviewers. There was even one who had a Monster Rock cable for 12 years and still found it to be performing really well. Most users immediately noticed the quietness and clarity of their tone, with some of them noting that you'll have a hard time switching back to other cables after trying one.


Aside from a very small number of customer service related issues, there aren't any notable concerns with the cable itself. However you will find that non-users will often comment that the price is too high for a guitar cable.


This was on our recommended list until January 2018. The reason we took it off the list is because some of the newer customer reviewers have given it lower 5 star ratings resulting in its Gearank score falling below the threshold when we conducted a major review of the category. To see our current recommendations, please read our guide to The Best Guitar / Instrument Cables.