Moog MF Minifooger Chorus Pedal

94 out of 100. Incorporating 30+ ratings and reviews.


Unfortunately, Moog isn’t producing this pedal at the moment, so if you can’t find one to buy second hand then you can check out these alternatives in our guide to The Best Chorus Pedals.

Gearank Recommendation

The Minifooger was on our recommended list for Chorus Pedals – $100 & Above from August 2017 until it was removed in May 2018 due to being discontinued.


The Minifooger Chorus Pedal is an interesting piece of equipment. It’s not quite like anything else currently on the market, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on what it is you’re looking for.

The main feature that separates the Minifooger from other chorus pedals is its delay time, which caps out at 70ms (this is according to Alex Maiolo, a reviewer from Premier Guitar). Basically, this gives the chorus pedal a slight delay effect. To put this in better perspective, your average chorus pedal caps out at 40ms. It’s not really a huge inclusion, but it does open up some possibilities that most chorus pedals don’t have.

The unit also has a three-position mix switch, which ranges from a very subtle chorus to an extreme level. The three different levels are all useable, though some may wish that the mix switch was variable as opposed to three fixed levels.

The pedal also has an expression input, allowing you to adjust the rate of the chorus effect. The cool part about this is that it opens up a world of different options. A lot of musicians don’t realize how useful an expression pedal input is until they actually have the chance to use one, so if the pedal is within your budget it’s definitely worth a look.

Lastly, the tone. Tone is a really subjective thing, but there’s no objective faults we can really see. It’s a warm sounding chorus, but at the same time that comes with the territory when you get an analog effect.


  • Control: Rate, Time, Depth, Feedback, Mix
  • Circuit: Analog
  • Bypass: True Bypass
  • Power: 9-Volt Adapter and Battery
  • Dimensions: 5.75″ x 2.25″ x 3.25″
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs.