Musician's Gear Effect Pedal Coupler - Straight


88 out of 100. Incorporating 60+ ratings and reviews.

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Musician's Gear Effect Pedal Coupler Straight

This is an affordable straight metal plug connector, designed for use with pedals of similar make or profile.

To make this work, the pedals to be connected should have input and output jacks that are aligned to each other.


  • Pack: 1 pc
  • Plug: Metal Plugs
  • Conductor: No Cable
  • Length: Not specified

Most users are convinced that the materials used for the metal plugs are of good quality. And there are reports of it working well with many different types of pedals (that have aligned ports) including Boss, TC Electronic, Digitech and more.

There are some who point out that stepping hard on a pedal may cause the angle of the plugs to move by a bit, which could damage the plug or the pedals.

If you are looking for an affordable single straight coupler, then this is a reasonable option, however there are more highly rated options available which you can find in our guide to The Best Guitar Patch Cables & Couplers.